Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Day of The Dead

Hello fellow plush lovers!

This is my contribution to our PlushTeam's latest challenge. The theme was the Day of The Dead celebrations and this is my take on it.
It is entitled "Radiant". It is all hand embroidered and made with wool blend felt, cotton embroidery thread as well as metallic thread.
The shape of the character was taken from my voodoo dolls' classic shape :)
It is available for sale in our team shop on Etsy.

I am planning on making more framed embroidery pieces like this so stay tuned :)
AC aka Hibou

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Armor Games - Demons Vs. Fairyland


For all of you Armor Games fan you will be happy to check this out! 
I was honored to be hired to make Armor Games' new game, Demons Vs. Fairyland (coming out soon), characters come to life by making them into 3D hand sewn felt ones.
These little pixel guys will be used for press kits and I'm sure it will make some people happy!
Here is a sample of the first batch I made. There's the Princess, Tentacle guy, and the Evil Lord. 
They were all had sewn by me. 
First I had to draw all the characters to scale and then I had to cut all the pixels in paper. I then had to cut all the pixels in the right color felt before I could assemble the puzzle and sew it all together on a piece of felt cut out to the exact outline shape of the character.
It took a lot of cutting and sewing as each characters is composed of a lot of pixels! I also had to find the best color match possible for the felt and then I had to do the same with the thread… luckily I was able to stay as close as possible to the original characters so I was pleased with the result :)
Here are a few "making of" pictures:

Here is the second batch with the Evil Kids and the Knight.

I had fun making these, even though it was very labor intensive, and now I'm looking forward to make something with not so many angles ;)