Friday, January 28, 2011

Got Moustache? I heart-stache!

What's not to love about well trimmed moustache? Well my hubby has one and so I made this little plush heart guy for him, just like that, for no particular reason!... aren't I a nice wife ;)

I decided to make more to spread the love and they're now available on Etsy :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Plush Fashion!

Love plush? Wear plush :)

I call my new series "Wearables", plush that you can wear!
Here are my latest additions to this plush series...

Plush Scissors... soft and safe around your neck!
"Wormiz", colorful giggly worms from the Amazonian forest :)

There will be more, keep on checking!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We can do Big Things!... and we have heart!

Yes! We can do big things when we put our heart to it, and this is just what this post is about, heart!

The Plush Team is doing a fundraiser for the International Children's Heart Foundation and we have all made cute, soft and extra plushy plushies for this great cause :)
100% of our proceeds will go to the foundation so pour your heart out and buy it all up :)
Go to the Plush Team shop on Etsy:
Here are a few examples to lure you in ;)
This lovely piece is from ChrisCreatures
Wonderful Big Love Bug from AbbyDid

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Start the year with Sweets! Plush Team in Candyland!

Check out the first Plush Team group show "Plush Team in Candyland Show"at Hot Pop Gallery in Milwaukee :)
Opening reception is Friday January the 21st from 6 to 10pm and the show will last until March 20th!

Pass the word along, blog it, twit it, Facebook it and if you can just go see it! 
What's not to love about plush and candies? How about plush candies? Yep you heard me, go and see amazing candy themed plush toys and art!

Check out these links and pass them along too:
Hot Pop Gallery: (+ on myspace:
Article about the show:
Our Team blog:

Bon Appetit!

Oh and here is a sneak view of my pieces...