Friday, March 11, 2011

Grumpy? Don't be! A solution to bad mood problems!

Are you grumpy? Do your husband, wife, partner, kids, pets look like grumposauruses in the morning... or any time really? Fear the grumpiness no more, your problem has a solution: The Bad Mood Monster is for you to adopt!
Miss Tang and Bossy Betsy - Bad Mood Monsters
The Bad Mood Monsters are my contribution to the plush monster world.
They are all different with different colors and personalities but they do have one thing in common: they FEED on people's bad mood!!!! 
Yep, those big white teeth can chew through any of your peeps' worse moods! Now that can come in quite handy in your household.... especially if you have little rugrats running around the house, but it works for the grown ups too... you know, before you get the coffee working in the morning or at the end of a long day... 
I always have a couple at the ready around the house. It definitely helps with my toddler and it is often a life saver for me too ;)
So STOP the GRUMPINESS in your life! Say NO to bad moods! Adopt a Bad Mood Monster now!
Bartholomew and Bertina - Bad Mood Monsters 
(cotton candy by the talented Becky from Scrumptious Delight)
Barnaby and Neon Bob - Bad Mood Monsters
Bad Mood Monsters' union convention

Billy Jr. - Bad Mood Monster (that was my very first one!)

Have a good day now ;)

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