Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sailors and muscle shirts! Plush by the sea...

I seem to be inspired by the sea lately and here is what I came up with :)

This one I made as an homage to my grandpa, Pierre... who was not a sailor but whose sailor hat used to be the source of endless role playing and laughter when it was pulled out of the coat closet when I was little! Oh and of course he was as Breton (from Brittany, France) as can be, from Lorient :)

I'm very excited about this little fella! His name is Muscle Marcel. Marcel is strong, manly, cute, and he loves his mommy... so what?!
I intend on making more versions of this one as it was great fun to make, all hand sewn as usual :)

And since we're in the nautical theme here is a window full of plush sea animals for you to enjoy! If you live in or around Minneapolis, make sure to check out the window of Crafty planet! Their new theme for the window is "Sea Creatures" and a bunch of us in the Plush Team answered the call and made some pretty cool items for them. Check it out. 
(PS: as far as I know all the pieces are for sale)

Turtle made by me :) Tiny Octopus made by a Crafty Planet member.
Starfishes, rocks and plants by Mary from Arttales/Leftz -
Jellyfish by Crafty planet member
Awesome giant octopus monster by Jessica at PlushroomSoup

Thanks for reading :)

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