Thursday, May 3, 2012

Plushteam Spring Challenge by Plushgoodness and HibouDesigns

Spring has sprung and so has a new challenge from the Plushteam!
Leeanna of PlushGoodness and Anne-Claire of HibouDesigns have been listening to their team members' desire to embrace their "artistic side" and came up with this idea for a challenge. It is titled:
"The Artful Stitch: Plush Art"
The members' guidelines were to create either A) a plush self portrait or B) a plush still life. The end result could be as literal or fantastical as they liked. The piece had to be made either as a 2D framed piece or as a 3D soft sculpture.

After lots of head scratching and hard work here are the entries submitted in both categories:
-Self Portrait category-

-Still life-
From top left to bottom right: Treacher CreaturesPrim and PlushPlush Goodness*MightRaggy Rat, and Out of the Frame.

All the entries are pretty amazing (Find them in our Plushteam Etsy shop). Everybody really pushed the boundaries of plush making to explore the more uncharted territories of Plush Art. Mission accomplished!
We submitted these for a vote with our Plushteam members (since Leeanna and I organized the challenge we decided our pieces could not be voted on but we were very happy to make our own). The vote closed yesterday at midnight...

And now without further ado here are the winners....... drum rolls!

Self portrait category: Fur Will Fly

Still life category: *Might 

Congratulations to our winners!!!!!!!
They will both receive a signed copy of Mr. X Stitch's (Jamie Chalmers) fabulous book "Push: Stitchery"!

This was truly a great challenge! Leeanna and I thank you for participating and we are looking forward to many more challenges to come.
Go Plushteam!

Anne-Claire aka Hibou

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