Friday, October 19, 2012

Plush You! 2012 with HibouDesigns - Schmancy, Seattle

It's this time of the year again!
The infamous Plush You! show has opened on Friday October 12th at Kristen Rask's amazing store, Schmancy in Seattle.
Sadly I wasn't at the opening but two of my plush were there to represent me.... and apparently they and everybody else had a blast!
For those of you who can go, please do, it's well worth a visit as it is the biggest Plush art show in the States with so many talented artists' work that you will want to get everything (I had tried to devise a plan to do just that the first year I went to the opening... didn't work but my list of artists' work to get got a few miles longer ;). 
For those of you who can't visit here are a few pictures of the plush I submitted. I hope I will be able to give some more links soon with pictures of the opening.

This is "Azteca" The Double-Headed Serpent - 2012 - Hand sewn, wool blend felt and cotton thread

 "Azteca" - detail head
 "Azteca" - detail scales

 It was not that easy to take good pictures of a piece that big but thankfully I had help from my friend Laura (she is a talented photographer and writer ;)
 And this is "The Angry Gouda" or "I got Framed" - a feltscape (I call "feltscapes" my framed felt landscapes) with a twist! All hand sewn, hand painted and drawn - wool blend felt, acrylic paint, indian ink, cotton thread.
This piece started with a joke that was made during a "plush retreat" with my friends from the PlushTeam last May in Lititz PA. I actually started to make the angry piece of cheese there... then life and other plush happened and I picked it up again this Summer to submit it to Plush You!
To me this is a great homage to the magic that can happen when you put a bunch of creative and crazy people in the same room, in pjs (yep we pretty much stayed in our pjs the entire time... about 4 days!), with needles, crochets, scissors and a whole pile of fabric! Thanks to this amazing group of plush artists that I'm proud to call my friends I always get my creative brain going :)
... and yes this is one angry piece of cheese. They call him Big Stinky C. A French food lover and big time dough maker... He was a big deal in his native Boston before he got framed. He still has big stories to tell though so if you ever want to adopt him, give Schmancy a call!


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