Monday, November 8, 2010

First post in my very own blog!!!!

I cannot believe this day has come but here it is.... Hibou is definitely entering the 21st Century :)
You will have to be kind and forgiving as I am new to this blog business and it may take a while for me to actually master the format.
In the meantime, let me start with a few pictures as I am sure they'll represent me and my work much better than I could do with words :)
These are the 3 pieces I made for the Plush You! show in Seattle. Plush You! is "THE" ultimate plush toy/art show and it is hosted and curated by Kristen Rask at her very own fabulous shop called Schmancy.
I was very fortunate to fly over there for the opening and I was really blown away by the display of so much talent!
I also had the opportunity to meet some of my fellow Plushteam crafters :)

This is Cristal Bazoom, my Vegas Owl Showgirl! I had started to make this plush for our PlushTeam Summer challenge and as the project got more and more complicated and detailed I decided it would be a great piece to submit to the show :) As usual with me, it is all hand sewn (no machine used here or anywhere in my work actually) and made from an original design by me. 
You can see Cristal below in the Schmancy shop. It is now hanging on the wall as she does have a fabulous throne to show off!

Here are the other piece titled "Let Them Eat Cake!": Marie-Antoinette and Louis the XVIth with a cake. Like Cristal they are all hand sewn and made with felt. I added some vintage ribbons, lace, buttons coming directly from my grandma's closet back in France. It definitely took me a good amount of time to make these but I really had an amazing time doing so!

Having done art history studies I had seen many representations of Marie-Antoinette and her hairdos in these had always amazed me (especially the one with a nautical theme) so I decided get inspired from it.
See more details on my Flickr page :)


  1. Love the new Blog AC! :D Great post and your pieces for Plush YOU! are wonderful! :D

  2. Congrats on the new blog! I love Cristal - she is definitely a show-stopper! :)

  3. well thanks Ladies! and thank you for your support :)