Wednesday, November 10, 2010

To solve the mystery of disappearing socks and misc....

Well, you need a detective of course!
You can go exotic with the classic Miami police investigator....
This is bigger version of my usual owl plush. This one is about 12H by 13W", and around 2" thick (depending on how many donuts he had for breakfast!). I'm keeping that plush for the Boston Bazarre Bizarre craft fair that will take place at the Cyclorama on Sunday December 5th.
It is made with felt, vintage buttons and a vintage silk tie (I just got a whole bunch of ties from my step-dad back in France this Summer... amazing designer ties but really old fashioned now, like this one, which was nonetheless very fashionable back in the 80's!).

Or you can go with the old school, always reliable and very meticulous, French detective Hercule Poirot...
This one is listed in my shop but is being very helpful in my house in the meantime to solve a delicate mystery involving a disappearing binky.... my son is accusing us but we claimed innocence and hired Poirot to prove him wrong ;)
He too was made with felt and vintage buttons from France. These are really thick and beautiful... they were hard to part with... just like it was difficult to cut up that silk tie....

Last but not least, you could choose to hire the infamous inspector Colombo!
He was caught here in an Saint Patrick's day celebratory get up... and after celebrating he forgot all about solving my disappearing socks mystery... I had to prepare him a solid breakfast to help him get back to it!!!
(btw, that used to be one of my family's favorite show and of course we'd watch it in French... I was so shocked the first time I heard is real English voice... I never really got used to it!)

OR.... you could decide to just side with the thieves.....
... and be the classiest of them all, The Gentleman Thief, Arsene Lupin! Another one of my favorite characters.

As a side note I'm proud to say that the latter two owl plush will be featured in the upcoming Winter issue of Stuffed magazine! I'm beyond excited!

The owl detective plush series is still growing so stay tuned for some future inventions :)

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  1. These are amazing!
    Esp the hercule owl, he's my favourite!